Does anyone know how to read this not so smart meter manually?

Posted 4th Feb 2023 (Posted 19 h, 17 m ago)
I looed at various instructions and none them work?

or even to get it to start working again? (it worked for 3 weeks after installation)
Thanks in advance...
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    How to read your G4 Metric GWi SMETS2 Gas meter: This meter uses an automatic scroll mode. Press either of the user buttons once - if you have been sent any messages from the 'head end system', these will appear first. The screen will then cycle to the 01 display, which will show your meter reading.
    ^^^^^ this

    Press the button until it says 01 in small numbers in the bottom left.
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    Going by the code that's currently on screen, you're in the service menu, and in Zigbee trigger mode.

    Pressing and holding the left button while in that screen should take you out of this mode.

    Pressing the right button should let you scroll through the different displays, including taking a reading.

    If that doesn't work, wait for it to sleep again, then press the right button once and it will automatically scroll through including giving you the readings.

    If that still doesn't work, contact your supplier to report a fault and tell them you cannot read your usage.
    that worked thank you
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    Looks like you owe £26 Trillion
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    Looks like some sort of error code?
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    thanks for your replies, I found on the electronic dis[play as below:49480666-3cQzr.jpg
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    49480773-co9Fp.jpgnow the web app(so energy) wont accept the reading of 1013 (edited)
    Try adding a zero in front, and if that doesn't work, 2 zeros.
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    Surely if you've got a smart meter, So Energy reads your usage automagically already? But also, doesn't the web app show your last reading so you can sanity check if your reading is plausible? I'm with So Energy but fended off having a smart meter so far. (edited)
    It sent readings for 3 week after installation, it was good. Then just stopped, although it stll connects with the electronic display

    The web app does not show tne last reading, it displays as the above screenshot, with blank spaces where the numbers are.

    Both my meters were brand new so were reading from 0, i think that could be the problem. (edited)
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