Does anyone know how to remove battery cover from LG GB102

Found 11th Oct 2010
I got one of these from the o2 deal which was on here last week got it today and cant seem to get the battery cover off can someone help me please.



insert your finger nail or a small coin in the hole then you have to pull hard on the back. Try to pry the left side first then the right. Takes a bit of force but it will come off.

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Instructions with the phone are **** i have managed to do it and what a pain to take it off.


is this thread a joke or are you being serious?

Just use brute force, it will come off.

I bought a 90p mobile off here for my next door neighbour, she & her husband couldn't get the back off it. Felt really guilty so I took it home and went at it with a screwdiver, eventually it came off. Held together by a bit of plastic but tough. Put the sim in etc and put back on, then it wouldn't come off again, gave it back with scratches on, but I guess for 90p it's to be expected

I had the same problem with the 90p phone.Jeez, thought I was never going to get into it. In the end I put on rubber gloves,placed thumb on the cover and it slid off right away. No brute force was needed at Was so chuffed with myself. I proceeded to put the sim in and couldn`t get it to work. After placing it in a multitude of positions I tried a most unlikely one and hey presto it worked. Felt like I was on the krypton factor. lol

Ok, so now this thread has identified britains dumbest people... :-)
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