Does anyone know how to tell if a migration kit for xbox 360 is one of the newer ones?

    By newer ones I am referring to the ability to transfer from 60GB to 120GB.

    Thanks to any help given.


    sorry i cant help with your quiestion but

    do u know if MS are still doing the FREE MU or £20 HDD for Arcade users

    Try…tml There's a list you can join (fingers crossed) for the 120gb and 60gb migration kits. :thumbsup:

    Says the version number on the disk :thumbsup:
    Google the disk version number , this will tell you.…are

    mine was version 3 that worked for 20-60 etc. Filled in form and posted to ms kit arrived in about a week

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    Ok, thanks for all your help guys. Rep added.
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