Does anyone know how to unlocked a Nokia 6300?

    Just bought one it is brand new. Personally for me the best Nokia ever made.

    It is currently locked to T - Mobile, I am looking for it to work on Orange.

    All help is great. Thanks for your time.


    take it market, fiver job

    Original Poster


    take it market, fiver job

    Mate, I was thinking that. But it would have to be good person to do it as my local guy has a rep of messing up phones lol.

    I had a brand new one kicking about & just had it unlocked for £10 though, but i expected that sort of price.

    either that or from tmobile which i think they charge £15 for code, but i would just take it market it if it was me, jus ask beforehand if it they mess it up, what they'd do, if its nothing then go to the next stall. but i dont think you can unlock this yourself as i had one and wanted to use it on 3 but realised once i had it unlocked 3 dont work, so best bet would be market or local phone shop tbh unless someone else knows differently, but can be done for not a lot cost me a fiver
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