Does anyone know how to work a ps2 to ps3 memory card adaptor?

    bought one of these (not from the US i just cant find a uk link...):…uct
    and i cant for the life of me get it to work! im using an official ps2 memory card, and a gamester ps1 one, ive put the card in the adaptor, plugged the adaptor by usb into the ps3 and although the device must power up as the ps1 card has a little led that lights when i put it in, nothing comes up on screen and i cant find the memory cards anywhere (trust me ive looked everywhere!)
    I have the latest firmware, the mem cards work in their respective consoles and ive tried them blank and with data on... im really at a loss
    Any help would be apprecitated!

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    got it working, turns out the memory card was b*ggered...
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