Does anyone know if comet price match dixons

There was a posting here last week saying that comet would price match dixons + discount 10%, but someone else requested that this could be comfirmed and it wasnt.

So, does anyone know if there is any trueth in this ?



As Dixons is online only I think that this will confirm that they don't :

"There are a couple of exceptions. We won't try to match the price of internet or mail order companies with no stores. Nor do we match against warehouse or mail order clubs or voucher promotions, either online or in-store."
This is taken from comet.co.uk/sho…ing

Currys don't even match their own website with discount codes.

you shouldnt expect them to.
discount codes are for encouraging you to to shop online. not bargaining tools for you to use to **** off the staff at the stores.
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