Does anyone know if Virgin Atlantic are having a Sale soon?

    I am waiting to book flights to Florida with Virgin but know they had a sale around Christmas last year, does anyone know if they are having one soon?


    I got a letter today from my credit card (Virgin) saying if i spent £250 on my card before the 4th February I can buy 1 flight and get 1 free. If that helps

    Have you tried Travel City Direct as they use to knock the socks off Virgin plus many other companys,i used them 4 times saved me loads so more spendin money when there !!!!

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    Thanks for your replies, I have a Virgin Atlantic credit card so hopefully will receive a similar lett, were there any restrictions on the flights?

    I have looked at Travel city and as far as I can see they only do package holidays rather than just flights?

    Travel City do fly drives fligjht n car if this helps.
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