Does anyone know if you can buy Bugle crisps in the UK?

    They are American crisps, but I have promised a friend I will try and source some for her as she grew up with them and misses them.

    I've looked on Amazon but they seem to be out of stock, so if anyone knows anything, please help!


    Can you not order them off ?

    Are these them?…e=1

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    Try AmericanSoda


    Used to get them as a kid here but i've only seen them in ayia napa of all places since


    Are these … Are these them?[][/url]

    £10 for 6 bags of crisps

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    Ooh they are back in stock on Amazon! Thank you folks, she will be pleased!

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    Try AmericanSoda

    I've never heard of this site before, I might take a look now and see what else they have got. Cheers

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    £10 for 6 bags of crisps

    Plus £8.28 delivery!!!!!


    omg i can remember these. They where awesome
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