Does anyone know if you can link an iPad to an lg smart TV to watch a film on movie box ?

Chromecast maybe? I watch showbox stuff on big screen via chromecast and local cast app.
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If you have an Apple TV box (I'm guessing you don't) then that's your best bet, by utilising Airplay.

Otherwise you should get the app iMediaShare and provided you've connected your smart TV to find wifi it should work.

Last option (least convenient) is to buy an Apple A/V cable that provides conversion from your iPad connector to HDMI.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for all your help. I will try all options.
Xbmc and AirPlay however no direct link to LG I am aware of
I use the Apple cable thing with an HDMI and its spot on. Had apple tv and it used to pause/buffer (30mg bb).

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