does anyone know if you can take batteries onto a flight to the states

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Found 16th Sep 2010
we are flying to Orlando tomorrow and ive forgotten to check if we can take our camera batteries and ds batteries onto the plane.. does anyone know if we can or do they need to go in the suitcase as checked in luggage??
We are flying with Continental airlines and i can not find any info on the website.


I've always taken batteries, haven't flown for a year or so though

I had camera batteries, on a continental flight plus ones for my mini fan

Yep you could when I went with virgin how else do you play onthe ds in flight lol

Yes you can take them on the plane with you. Just try and make sure that they dont touch each other.


If you put them in the hold the lack of pressure allows them to explode ripping a hole in the aircraft, messing up the aerodynamics of the plane causing it to crash. Most likely into the sea.

If it's to power a bomb then no.
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