Does anyone know is carriage H on First Great Western trains first class?

Found 5th Dec 2009
Just wondering, as I have ended up with a reservation in this carriage. Tried to google it without any luck.

Will leave rep for any help given, thanks.

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If it is a High Speed Train then yes, any other type can't tell you for sure. Where are you travelling to/from?

Original Poster

aha. I'm going from St Austell to Taunton?

Then it should be a HST, so yes will be 1st! Did you win the lottery or are you going a weekend????

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ha ha, no I'm just going to Weston Super Mare for a hospital appointment, changing at Taunton. Strange because I didn't select first class when buying the tickets! Do you know if H is a quiet carriage at all?

Ok so do you want me to sound like a right geek or what?? LOL I did work on the railway for 16 years in Exeter before you picture me in an anorak !!!!!

I am fairly sure it is the quiet coach.

How much did you pay for your ticket if you dont mind me asking

Original Poster

ha, thanks. I guessed maybe you worked on trains with your precise answers. I didn't ask for quiet coach either(so I can play my mp3).Oh well, I'll hedge my bets. Cheers for your help! Rep left.

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£15 each way, booked in advance for February.

No worries. You may not have 1st or the quiet coach if they use a different train type tho

Original Poster

Okay, cool. Ta!
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