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does anyone know morrisons head office email address ?

Posted 20th Aug 2015
As above,
I have been trying to find an email address for the last month and having great difficulty regarding something that happened back in March.
Their customer service helpline is not helpful at all. Kinda defeats the object!
I have tried three email addresses without any kind of communication.
Have tried these :

Thanks in advance
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Have you tried contacting them via post?

Customer Service Department
Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC
Hilmore House
Gain Lane


WM Morrison,
Hilmore House,
Gain Lane,
West Yorkshire,
BD3 7DL.

or email - fresh@morrisons.com

You could try the corporate website - morrisons-corporate.com - 0845 611 5000

Thank you, I suppose I will have to try that, wanted to try and go direct to ceo as they have been messing me around so much!

Thank you, I suppose I will have to try that, wanted to try and go … Thank you, I suppose I will have to try that, wanted to try and go direct to ceo as they have been messing me around so much!

I had a good look about, but was coming back with the addresses you already tried. Seems about it. Have you tried contacting them on Twitter? or Facebook. That is probably as direct as you are going to get, and many companies are quicker to help on Social Media platforms as other customers can see the issues being discussed. Maybe worth a go
Yep tried Facebook, not got twitter! So looks like snail mail

Yep tried Facebook, not got twitter! So looks like snail mail

Good luck, hope it all gets resolved. Maybe someone else will have dealt with them before and will be along with a more affirmative answer for you =)
I work on checkouts at little clacton, I'd like to know why some customers are getting Xmas vouchers and others are not, had so many complaints, I spent £70 today which I spend most weeks and I haven't had them either, it's seems very unfair some do some don't, please let me know so I can explain with to our regular customers thanks
What happened
Iv also not had any vouchers for Christmas I would also like to know why some people get them and some don't. I got in touch with morrisons via email. And was told "don't know why some get them and some dont" but they sent me a voucher for double points next time I shop.
I'm disgusted I spend at least £60/80 per week every week.
Iv decided that they don't need my custom that much, so I'll go to aldi, where I get value for money, good products and a lot cheaper, it's the way I can show my disgust.
Try writing to the P.R. team.Katherine.woodhouse@morrisonsplc.co.uk,though as I have hear up and down the country all you get is lies from staff and management alike. Ref the case of totally innocent customer in st Albans accused of shoplifting and kicked out, the COVER UP and lies that followed were unbelievable and still not an apology to this day !!!!! The CE.O. should be so ASHAMED and sort Mrs OSBOURNE out immediately
Mrs Osborne was humiliated in front of a shop full of customers AND her children who she had to explain she's never shoplifted in her life. Apparently she was recognised from 2/3 years ago. I can't see how as she has her hair shaved off then for the British Heart Foundation. Morrisons have behaved appealingly AND with NO PROOF!
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offers are given to tempt customers. unfortunately as someone who spends £80 a week, you are a safe bank and don't need to be incentivised. it's the same way that a 10 year customer with virgin can pay 70% more than a new customer for the same package. you should kick up a fuss as you deserve to be rewarded, but be aware that that's not how many companies work.
not sure what your access to supermarkets is, but if you tart yourself around the major ones, they'll soon vie for your business. and you'll get the best deals from all shops (think they generally run BOGOFs and offers on a monthly basis). if you go to the 4 big ones once a week over the course of a month, you'd trigger all sorts of offers if you use loyalty cards etc - for individual products and for total shop discounts

as for getting in touch - i'm not a fan of the CEO mail concept - I do feel these should be used sparingly, and are redirected to complaints team anyway. some have had success with this, others with twitter/fb/social media. I normally contact via the web contact page and generally get a response.
my preferred method for a serious complaint is resolver, although the one time i used it, it was for vodafone and they are abysmally incompetent (however the resolver process and service was exceptionally easy and useful)
Did you have any luck ?
I want to speak to ceo I believe he is very good if you can get hold of him.
He used to be the CEOs for Tesco



Did you have any luck ?I want to speak to ceo I believe he is very good … Did you have any luck ?I want to speak to ceo I believe he is very good if you can get hold of him.He used to be the CEOs for Tesco

Yes got hold of him, got a reply and the whole issue was sorted within a few days .
Did you need the email address ?
Could I have the email please?
Morrisons make it very difficult to contact them by email and I got 3. Different addresses from their HO.
However after about 9 attempts I can give you a correct address:
Worked for me after a long annoying effort.
I work at Morrison at Gravesend Kent I had my motorbike Jacket damaged someone cut it with a Stanley knife from the elbow to the wrist it cost me £200 Had to buy another one cost me £165 this has been going on in this Store and Breaking into the lockers as well and nothing has been done about it about time they dun something about it I have police involved in this case now
Hi, I would love an e-mail address for Morrisons top brass, I was at a cash point outside of the morrisons store in Jarrow Tyne & Wear, there was a woman in front of me, she left and as I came to the machine It was still busy, then a large amount of money came out so I took the money and tried to find the woman, there was no sign of her, so being the honest person that I am I took the money to the information desk in morrisons, they took all my details and said that if no one claimed the money I would receive it! they said I'd have to wait 3 months but later they contacted me to say it was 6 months, 6 months was up this Monday 5th Nov so I went to the store, I was told that now they could not give me the money!! a security guy said it needs to go to the police! I said so WHY wasn't this mentioned 6 months previous!! The security guard said in a very quiet voice "he phoned the police and they said they do not need to give me it!!!!" so he then said he would be taking it to a police station, so I've said I want to be informed when he has taken it so I can visit the police station! (still ongoing)
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