does anyone know much about tellys?

hi, we have a samsung lcd tv 32" telly, the white one, im not sure what the model is, trouble is its developed a crackle on the sound, a guy at sony said it was dry joint, but i dont know what that means, if thats what it is anyway.

So in short is it fixable?

Many thanks


A dry joint is where the solder on one of the boards becomes old/cracked/seperated. It's a case of resoldeing the joint so that it connects fully again. Not a big job for any decent tv repair guy.

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ah i see, so does that sound like it could be the fault?


A dry joint on a circuit board is very easy to spot even to the untrained eye, if you are prepared to open the t.v. and take a look just compare the soldering on the p.c.b.
If the t.v is out of warranty you have nothing to lose.

hi i used to work on a tv service desk for the local council, what you need to do is switch it off then switch it back on again!!!

Try re-seating the connections at the back of the TV, it could just be a loose lead.
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