Does anyone know of a cheep and chearfull mobile phone insurance deal ?

    I'm looking to get reasonable mobile phone insurance for my Nokia n95 silver version . I'v never had a contract before so never needed insurance and i don't want to have to pay much. I've seen foneshield at 12 months for the price of 11 going at £43.89 , does anyone know if they are any good or should i avoid them and keep on looking ? please help !


    I think you might be able to include it in your home insurance or that of your parents if not a home owner (sorry don't know your age).

    Ditto = read your t&c for your home insurance - also consider what your phone is and how much you can but it for - it may not be worth it...

    You get mobile phone insurance free with many bank accounts nowadays - not free for the account though.

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    Tried house insurance but dont cover contract phones, only if you own it. Barclay has 6 months free insurance with platinum card which i have, but told its for new customers only ! what about there existing customers ! they did'nt want to know !

    You do own a contract phone, it's not leased.


    some lloyds tsb accounts have free insurance

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    Thanks, i will go this week and ask them . Thinking of changing from Barclays now they would'nt help me.

    Remember, it's not free for the account

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    Thanks Alfie 73 . Ive found the info very interesting , nice of you to go to the trouble of finding it for me :thumbsup:
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