does anyone know of any cashback offers that have alot of minutes but less texts?

    I'm looking for a new mobile deal, o2's online 35 looks best for me as it has plenty of minutes but i'm not paying for texts i won't use. However i can't find any cashback deals with this or similar tarriffs.

    I don't want to go for a deal that gives me loads of stuff i don't need incase i can't get my cashback. I'd be better off on o2's sim only thing then.

    Help please!:-D


    Not sure if T-Mobile do any deals that would be of interest to you with cashback etc but the flext plans are pretty good bargains at the minute buying online for £20 a month and some free phones gives you £60 credit to spend how you please. 08 and 09 numbers are excluded as are texts to speed numbers eg 81199.

    Free Motorola SLVR L7e
    18months Free line rental saving £720
    Orange Canary 40 18 month contract 850mins + 300sms a month


    14hours of talktime a month do you?

    That is only 5 claims too which works out alot less than 12month contracts with 4/5/6 claims on average.

    £20 quidco or so too i think

    Read this thread carefully on a similar deal from TMO:…044

    Free/£5 broadband would apply to this too.
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