does anyone know of any discount vouchers for cineworld please?

    taking kids to see toy story 3 tomorrow so was wondering if anyone knew of any vouchers for there please?


    Your best bet is to use an Orange Wednesday's ticket.

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    dont u have to be with orange to use them?

    Yes, do you know anyone with an orange phone? Text film to 241

    You could always buy a PAYG sim and use it, you would save over the long term As an Orange Wednesday ticket costs 35p rather than your cinema's usual rate!

    I use mine most weeks. Saves me £8-10 a go

    also do not pay online for tickets, you will get charged a 'admin' fee
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    can u only get one code
    2 adults and 3 children are going

    If you turn up in costume for the film you are wanting to see, you get a 75% discount on all the tickets.

    Alternatively, get some Orange Wednesday codes.

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    no dont know anyone on orange,will put a request tomorrow on thread
    thanks for help


    also do not pay online for tickets, you will get charged a 'admin' fee

    ... & also you will get carp seats as you can't choose where you sit when booking online.

    Cineworld is cheaper on a Tuesday....I know its no use this time as you want to go tomorrow

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    we could go tonight it would just be easier to go tomorrow as my mum would have the baby for me
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