Does anyone know of any toilet roll deals?

Posted 4th Feb 2023
Does anyone know of any toilet roll deals? I don't mind in buying in bulk if I have to. I've got 5 packs of the farmfoods stuff which i stockpiled 3 years ago... so need to re-stock
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  1. iKris's avatar
    Just only go number 2 at work
  2. Robdataff's avatar
    Groupon often has bulk deals.

  3. DaveG46's avatar
    You had 3 years of bog rolls stored? (edited)
    DisagreeableRunt's avatar
    Timing almost checks out for early Covid panic buying!
  4. Yas_Min's avatar
    Honestly you people laugh at toilet paper hoarders, but you really dont have enough toilet paper yourselves. The average person uses 1 roll per day. If you have a family of 4, that's 28 rolls a week. Over 100 a month. TP rolls will be worth their weight in gold in a few months, because everyone needs it
    StevenBrown's avatar
    who the hell uses a whole roll a day?
  5. Alexanderlocks's avatar
    Who in their right mind stock piles three years worth of bog roll. Must be a troll post. There are no bargains to be found these days on toilet rolls and if I did know any I'm not going to let someone like you know. So you can buy all the stock and leave nothing for anyone else...
  6. daniel.duncan's avatar
    Most toilet rolls are a rip-off!
  7. iCrazyCarrots's avatar
    I do but they are all cr*p deals.
  8. airbus330's avatar
    Funniest thread I've read in ages.
    1 roll a day for some posters If we'd ever got close to that I'd have installed a bidet.
  9. naz4151's avatar
    49483917-NrMNy.jpgIt is time to share this technology with the rest of the world...
  10. MonkeyMan90's avatar
    Where did you store your 3 years worth? In my house we go through roughly 1 roll every 3 days, so based on my consumption i'd have to find somwhere to store roughly 365 rolls
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    Garage and shed
  11. mutley1's avatar
    Lol. 3 years and I thought I was bad having a year's worth.
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  12. victor99's avatar
    How many rolls did you buy for 3 years worth?
  13. innocent's avatar
    Look at Gettabox on eBay, they are also Amazon merchants. (edited)
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    Far too expensive
  14. jco83's avatar
    Just regular price from places like Home Bargains, Savers etc aren't bad afaik, around £3.29 for 9 rolls (edited)
  15. AC-ZEP-GEN-DC's avatar
    Well done if you also stockpiled 3 years worth of petrol, gas and electricity in 2020!
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    Wish I could
  16. innocent's avatar
    I know a little doggie who does!
  17. sm9690's avatar
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    What are the prices there?
  18. Payyyyy's avatar
    We use average 1 roll a day!!
    and I got told off for complaining 🤪.
    only 3 adults! (edited)
  19. NuffinisFree's avatar
    You purchased 5 packs 3 years ago or do you only have 5 packs left?

    If you haven't purchased toilet paper in the last 3 years then todays prices are going to come as a shock to you.
    The best you can hope for is a discount on multiple purchases, special offers (e.g. Wilko have 10% off on £20 spend) or using store vouchers or other discounts such as staff/blue light.

    If you would like to buy a vast quantity then try your local cash and carry or wholesale supplier but I think prices are similar in most places these days.
  20. Backinamo's avatar
    I haven’t used myself but Uber have 50% off groceries and the toilet roll on Sainsbury’s looked reasonable in conjunction with that promo.
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