Does anyone know - or could recommend an S60 Skype client?

Found 25th Apr 2009
I am looking for one to run Skype on my mobile.

The bundled software includes skype - but its set to block UK numbers and as far as I can see there could be a problem with "Skype in" and "Skype out".

My data is unlimited - and the terms and conditions do not ban VOIP - so if I can get working client, then I get unlimited calls to most European land lines for £4ish

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Have you tried Fring or Skoot?

you could always try downloading the s60 beta from skype and using that, maybe the bundled version is different.
What network? 3 use skoot, which dials a voip gateway, from what I can tell and what i've tried on voda, skype and voip may not be banned, but using the Vodafone Contract Internet isn't enough for it to work, I had to request the VPN access point to be enabled so it would transverse NAT correctly. (Its a cost option, usually enabled on data cards but not handsets)

Original Poster

Thanks guys - both repped

I am on three - but had been wary to go for Fring or Skoot, as they were too much for what I was looking for. I had also read they were difficult to get a complete uninstall - and other issues with that could upset my phone (Nokia E71)

Three coverage in my house is lousy - but I use the landline there anyway - so it was just for outside - where the three coverage around the west coast of Scotland seems pretty good.

i just completed a skypeOUT call on the skoot client on my 3 E71 .. it's fantastic! I was expecting low quality as VOIP usually is, but because 3 use a VOIP gateway, it's pretty damn good!!..

Another vote for Fring

nimbuzz is decent prog also.

fring is rubbish with skype calls .. If you're on 3, then use the 3 skype VOIP gateway.
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