Does anyone know Southend well?

    Hi guys,

    can anyone tell me how far the travelodge is from the seafront in southend?

    Chichester Road
    Southend on Sea

    Also, is there enough at southend to entertain 3 kids for a week without our own transport (cheaply lol)

    whats there to see etc?
    thank you


    The aa wesbite says from the travelodge to the pier its 1.2 miles.

    Tried google maps? As for entertainment, afaik it revolves around loads of boy racers flying up and down the front eating the odd burger/hot dog......…ted

    I live just around the corner from it, it is at the back of the shops on the high street, less than 5 mins walk from the seafront, there really is so much to do for the kids too, all near the seafront. You have Adventure Island which is brilliant, the Kursaal with its Bowling Alley, All of the arcades along the seafront, not to mention the cinema at the top of the highstreet.....i could go on. Oh and theres crazy golf a little further down the seafront too.
    When are you going? The weekend of 24-25 may is the southend airshow, always lots for kids to do then, aside from the obvious airshow there are inflatables, games etc...

    Transport Links
    Southend Central railway stn - 0.5 miles
    Southend airport - 2.5 miles

    Places To Go
    Sea Life Centre - 1.5 miles
    Moulsham Mill - 20.5 miles
    Chelmsford Cathedral - 21.5 miles
    Lakeside Shopping Centre - 24 miles

    Nearest Town/Nightlife:
    Southend on Sea - 0.6 miles

    This information is on the page of the hotel,it looks fairly central to me where it is located,I would thought it was quite near the seafront,can always take a bus,thats what we did when we stayed in the 1 at Brighton.

    Original Poster

    thank you guys rep on way for you all

    clarelouise, thats the sort of info i was looking for thank you - not for may,of to butlins in may planning ahead for summer

    you really are right in the middle of everything where you are staying

    I could try and get hold of one of those mini maps for you if you'd like?Then when ive got it i can send it for u?

    Original Poster


    I could try and get hold of one of those mini maps for you if you'd … I could try and get hold of one of those mini maps for you if you'd like?Then when ive got it i can send it for u?

    that would be fab thank you

    I'm thinking of going there sometime but it won't be this yr,I'll do it when I can get reduced rooms at Travelodge or least a few nights cheap depending whats available.

    Original Poster

    well it seems this option is cheaper than staying at a caravan site

    There are no caravan sites, the council won't have them!! Travelodge rarely do cheapies at Southend. If you want adventure Island tickets get them with your Tesco clubcard vouchers and get 4 x the value, get burger king buy one get one free vouchers from the car park or street parking ( theyre on the back of the tickets), and are valid for 21 days. I think adventure Island give discount vouchers for the Sealife centre.

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