Does anyone know the area near Cardiff Airport well?

Posted 2nd Mar 2011
I am wanting to take my son for a spin down to the airport one day to go and see the planes landing and taking off.
I just wondered if anyone knows a good area to park so you can see them coming down low?
My Dad used to take my and my sister when we lived in Manchester. But not sure where to go to see them in Cardiff.
Not really wanting to go into the airport due to parking costs.
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TTo see the planes land & take off you're best off turning left at the final roundabout (rather than turning right, into the airport); this should put you somewhere under (or very near to) the approach/take-offs, unless the wind is blowing the wrong way, in which case you'll need to be over the far side of the airport. If you get it all wrong it doesn't matter, as it's easy to get round or drive through the airport without accidentally ending up in a car park.
Thank you He adores planes, but all we see in Swansea is the white lines and a small tiny plane figure.
Will go the left hand side see what we can find
If you look for 'Cardiff airport' on Google maps you can see the roads that skirt round the airport. The runway that's used is the one that runs into the sea, as opposed to running in to Rhoose. There's plenty of places you can stop & park up to watch the planes (not that I'm a plane spotter! I just fly from there sometimes. Honest!:D)
I lived there, if you coming from Barry way, go straight on (bend left) instead of right at the roundabout sign posted llanwit major/st a than. Past the hotel and Indian place on your right, come to a premier inn place on your left. Follow that road round, signposted rhoose, and pick a spot around there. If theyaint using that run way, follow the barrier fence all the wAy round, and pick a spot, you will not struggle to see some planes if you follow the security fence around.
Rhoose flying club is probly the best place its the white building on the opposite side of the airfield to the terminal buliding its got a view of the entire runway and offer cheap food/drink. They've got directions how to get there on their website rhooseflyingclub.co.uk/ind…htm
Thank you all
Lol I was a bit unsure about posting incase people thought I was a plane spotter. My son is only just 3, but loves them and will give me something to do with him for the afternoon
I have to admit when ever I went to Stockport visiting family, seeing the big planes fly over the city center was great as a child.

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