Does anyone know the cheapest way to get from Bognor to Wakefield (open return) or which websites to use please?

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Found 21st May 2009
Hi everyone!

We have a friend in Bognor having some financial difficulties and we want to get him up to us in Wakefield for a bit of a rest from it all. Well known tourist destination is Wakefield (cough).

I've googled it and I'm bewildered by the information that comes up. We are all really skint and we need to do it as cheaply as possible. He has no money at all, no access to a car (or phone, or internet), although we could pick him up from Manchester-ish if it's cheaper. We'd be paying for the tickets and we're one income two kids stylie and so on a tight budget, too.

All advice on the best sites to use would be welcomed! Likewise if anyone has attempted this journey on the cheap we'd love to hear how you did it ;o)

Many thanks for your kind help everyone.

Best wishes


I normally use nationalrail.co.uk and you can define your search and it will work the best price out...Just keep to off peak times and you can pay by credit card as well..Good Luck


Try this website Lucyeff

Im from pretty close to your area Castleford, got 2 tickets to London and back for 8.50

i am in Wakefield and i you would be better going to Bognor (Seaside) than him coming to Wakey lol.

National Express go from Bognor to Wakefield via London. But they also have £1 fares from London to Wakefield, so you could book 2 seperate tickets ie Bognor to London (about £20ish return) then London to Wakefield (£2 return)...only thing is I dont think you could leave the return date open, not sure though. HTH


Best bet is probably to book the northbound journey on its own and then do the return part once you know when it's going to be.

That way you'll be able to get advance purchase tickets.

For instance, Bognor to Wakefield on the 28th May for £31.60 (Bognor 1903 change at Barnham 1909-1914 arrive London Victoria 2048 - tube to Kings Cross - leave Kings Cross 2130 Wakefield Westgate 2352).

Try to avoid separating the journey at London as that will mean you will have to pay for the tube in London whereas it is included on a through ticket.
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