Does anyone know the contact number for SMS (Secure Mail Services)?

    No text needed really!

    They normally deliver a yellow card saying they have tried to deliver, but no one was in etc etc, but this time they haven't! Or maybe they didn't even try to! So I need to get in touch with them!



    0870 950 1760

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    Thank you! I've been given something like 4 different numbers which were all wrong and I was beginning to lose it!

    No probs - I only Googled it! :thumbsup:

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    I went through yahoo and it was rubbish!

    It sounds bad but I always forget Google! This will hopefully be my last time! Thanks again!

    Don't forget [URL=""]saynoto0870[/URL], they often have geographical numbers you can use (great when using 'free' minutes on mobiles) - they also give 01604 782952

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    Ah! Something else I have forgotten! My memory is horrific! But I'm guessing you can tell!

    I've always found that SayNoTo0870 never gives me QUITE the right number. You want Customer Services and then you find a geographical number and end up speaking to one of the cleaners who was just passing the phone in a corridor or something.

    :-D I guess, like I say, good for free minutes!
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