Does anyone know the standard for bbqs on beaches

    Im planning a bbq in the gower and wanted to check it was legal to have a bbq on the beach.



    I think its ok to have one of those throwaway ones but you cannot start fires / bbqs on a beach

    yeh just take your stuff away with you and dont line the bottom with slate stones as they blow up and splinter your food with stones

    I have had a disposable bbq on the beach before and no-one batted an eyelid. I did feel a bit bad though that the smoke was blowing onto other families!

    I would be tempted to phone the (local Gower) police & ask them for advice - this will also stop fire engines being called out to ' a fire on the beach'.

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    yea i wouldnt normally bother but as its the Gower they might be annoyed. I will try thanks for all the advice


    phone the council, not the police.

    Why would you bother ?

    Just take it & have some fun !!

    We've even improvised once on the beach, made a fire, cut open some empty beer cans length ways, and cooked sausages in it. Yummy

    sausage in bitter....can't see it taking off;-)

    We only live about 40 minutes from Sandbanks and last summer spent a fair bit of time going down to the beach in the late afternoon. We joined the blatant families of fellow barbequers - i don't think the authorities are to concerned about disposible barbies on the beach if the site is left as it was found - there is not too many combustible materiels - the beach is made up of sand, and edged by water - by i guess different authorites may have an alternative view...

    I live near the gower & have used a disposable BBQ without any problem - as long as you take it all away with you at the end.


    what is the gower?

    Bit of advice. If you use a disposable or even one of those small portable bbq on the sand - the sand underneath gets unbelievably hot !! I picked ours up after a bbq at St Andrews last year and noticed the sand felt warm - poured water on the area and it was like an explosion of steam.

    If one of the kids had run over the area after we had moved the gear - I dread to think what the results would have been.

    Bury or cool the sand with water.


    what is the gower?

    Exactly what I was going to ask?

    And welcome John60.


    what is the gower?

    Pokey out bit on the bottom left of Wales (I think)

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    best beaches in wales
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