Does anyone know the telephone number of Makro Glasgow?

Found 7th Feb 2009
I have hung on for about 15 mins - which can only happen on places with numbers where they are paid not to answer your call - they now use an 0844 number to generate revenue.

Does anyone know the normal number for Markro Glasgow (its not the old 0141 882 9051 number) as I am tired of paying someone to not answer my call.


[url]www.saynoto0870.com[/url] might help x

454 Hillington Road
Glasgow, G52 4XY
0141 882 9051

0141 810 9220

Original Poster

Thanks folks.

The first place I had tries was SayNoTo0870 but no joy - I should have said before I posted.

Thanks to the poster who told me the number I had posted it was not (in my original post)!!!

The 810 9220 one looks promising as its same format as the butchers and fax - and I am sure I called the butchers before to get told that number, but sadly it just rings out.

Looks like its Costco gets the sale then - and I hate giving trade to american companies.

I went to the Makro site and got this number for the Glasgow office. 0844 445 7445
I then went to Saynoto0870 and put that number in and got the number I gave you above.
It also comes up with this number, which is probably a better one to try.
I didn't spot it in my haste but it is there ok. 0141 8109200
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