Does anyone know this members proper name?

I done a trade with this member

Paddy Charlie

but i need his proper name to check if royal mail have delivered his parcel (i have recorded slips for games i sent and dont know which one is his)

We both sent the games on the same day and i got his the day after but for some reason mine game never reached him (as of last wed)

If anyone has his proper name or address could they pm me it please (i dont want it given out in public)


well you should have got all his contact details including name address and contact phone number before you completed the deal surely? tut tut

Original Poster

i did and i deleted them lol

i stupidly cleared all my emails

And i must of got his name etc to sent the parcel i just want to know which slip it is as one has now been delivered.

The other still not which is strange cos only one person last week said they hadnt got their parcel yet 2 slips now delivered hmm

Why are you asking in here? :? Why not PM and ask him?

Original Poster

hes not going to be on til the middle of next week again and i need to know because i can only get to po on tues this week to enquire more.

allstar, I know this doesn't help in this situation, but did you know you can download all your private messages as a text file or xml file? This allows you to keep a record of everything and have an empty inbox at the same time.

Next time PM Admin/Moderator your details, and get the person you are trading with to do the same.
This way the mod can cross reference, and have a record that you should be able to retrieve.

Has Paddy Charlie done any other trades? You could PM the buyer/seller to see if they would give you the address.

Just a little word of advice if i may, at he top of the recorded delivery slip is a small space, I usually write the name of the item in there so I know what was sent on what delivery slip.

No good for you now, admittedly, but maybe something to think about for the future. Failing that a simple text document will suffice with the personal name and the goods along with the delivery slip number.

Original Poster

thanks all for the advice.

I have now tracked down which name i was looking, i forgot i has the envelope that the game he sent was in so therefore this return address on the back

Simon i think next time i will follow your advice and write the name on the slip, very good idea
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