does anyone know what comedy sketch i am talking about...


i was just telling a friend of mine about a comedy sketch i used to love, but i have no idea what it is and i can't google it because i can't even think of any reasonable search criteria. basically, i think it was by armando iannucci OR by adam and joe. it's footage of some kind of grand ceremony, perhaps royal, and has soldiers outside of a huge buliding (perhaps buckingham palace) etc. the narrator is talking over the top as if it were based on an alien planet as opposed to it being the ceremony that it actually is.

that may not even make sense and probably sounds like its complete rubbish, but it's hilarious. anyone know what it is and if there is a link to it on youtube? (i used to watch it online somewhere)


[SIZE="7"]No, Sorry, Dont Know What The Hell Youre Talking About. Hope You Find Out Soon Though[/SIZE]

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to be fair it's probably one of the most specific questions to have ever appeared on this forum, BUT...i had ran out of ideas...

Its off dead ringers:thumbsup:
Starwars or torchwood I think.
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