Does anyone know what HDD is used in this External Drive?

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Found 7th Mar 2010
Someone is selling this 2TB Hitachi External Hard Drive.…2TB.

I'm only buying it because it is cheaper that buying a Hard Drive just on its own. So wanted to remove the hard drive and pop it into my pc. Need to find out the following before i buy it off them.

* What is the make and model of the internal drive?
* Is it possible to remove the drive from the external casing, and how difficult is it?

Any help appreciated


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it isnt cheaper... and its probably this drive, as its the same company…763

149 vs 111 quid

anyway, it will be a sata drive, as thats all that is made these days, and you should be able to unscrew it without damage quite easily

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Probably didnt explain myself properly, i'm getting it for £90, from the classified in local paper. i Though i could save myself £20 and get a spare casing.

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It's SATA obviously, I have the 1TB version next to me and it has this in … It's SATA obviously, I have the 1TB version next to me and it has this in it: I'd imagine the 2TB has this in it:£90 is a good price, I bought two of the 1TBs for £60 each like 3 weeeks ago.

Thanks for that :thumbsup:, is it possible to tell me if there are any screws or clips to take it apart.…=iw

according to the fixya question there are no screws keeping this together. I cannot say if that's true as mine is still brand new in shrink wrapped box.

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been searching a bit more and found this good review on it. It is the same internal drive as mentioned earlier but it seems that the casing is sealed. :-(…iew
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