Does anyone know what kind of offers SKY give for existing customers for having 2 boxes in same house?

    My mum and dad have had sky downstairs and multiroom upstairs for about 10 years and they have never renewed, never received a discount and never had new boxes which i think is unbelievable! About 4 years ago they did come out and change the boxes because they were freezing and left even worse ones for them that freeze and takes forever to change channel!

    The 2 boxes are so old that when you change the channel it takes ages to change plus they keep freezing and some of the buttons on the controllers dont work either and they pay over £50 a month for the 2.

    Is it worth them phoning up to suggest cancelling which they were talking of doing anyway until i said why dont you see if you can get a discount or new boxes or sky + boxes and seeing if they will offer anything to keep you, they are sick of paying that high price and using rubbish boxes

    I would appreciate to know about any offers people have got recently when they have phoned up and asked for a better offer or for sky + box for free etc

    Just feel that with them being with them for over 10 years and always paying full price and always having the same boxes they should be entitled to something but maybe they wont offer anything, they are going to phone to ask to cancel 2mrw i think at some point so would appreciate anyones input.



    We just moved and I cancelled the Sky altogether when we left, and they've bombarded us at the previous address with deals ever since. I haven't paid much attention as we've already got Sly at new address (took it out in hubby's name as a new contract to get the TCB £150 cashback!), but the other day there was something offering a free Sky Plus box if we 'came back to Sky'.

    If they can live without it for a bit, it might be worth actually cancelling if they don't get anywhere just by threatening to. They're bound to offer something to get them to return.

    Phone up the 'for new customers line', then apologise and say that you want to cancel and they will transfer you instantly, explain your situation and tell them its just not on, and that you wish to cancel because for what youve got its too expensive, (you have to use 'too expensive', they are like code words!) They will offer you some rubbish scheme, continue with the no you want to cancel then they will offer you sky+ for £50, if you continue they may give it to you for free as many people, including myself have got, however they might say that thats enough and cancel you if you ask again, but in your case you might do anyway - let us know howit goes!
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