Does anyone know what size converses to get for a 14 month old baby girl?

I've been looking through the internet and found the perfect xmas gift for my 14 month old niece "pink converses" but i dont know the size to get her the size 1 are very popular i just wondered if anyone knew roughly what age a baby was in a size 1 shoe? thanks in advance rep added.


Get your niece's feet measured - best way.

no offence but a childs feet are too important to be asking for "rough guesses" on an internet forum-go to a reputable shop and get them measured for size AND width.

I really wouldnt buy shoes for a 14 month old over the internet, This is probably the most important time of their life regarding feet growth ,You really need to see how they fit and cannot rely on sizes,

You really can't guess my nephew is 8 months and in a size 3 but my friends baby girl is 11 months and still in a 3

Both my girls were in approx size 5 at 14 months.


Both my girls were in approx size 5 at 14 months.

my daughter was also - but my son was only a size 3

they now both take a big 9 LOL !!!

I always had my childrens feet measured from when they started walking until they left school, despite their protestations !!

I had one in a size 4 one in 5 and one in 6 at that age, like previous poster has said you really need to get her feet measured.


[COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]or just get some cheap but well fitting shoes because the kid aint gonna give a damn and the only reason people buy brands is to win brownie points with the mother?[/COLOR]

ones which fit would be a good idea

Buy three different sizes and she will likely go though them all in a year
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