does anyone know what the free goodie bag thread was?

hi can you remember the free bag of toys for boys or girls that was posted? does anyone know if it is still live and if so what are the details? I have just got one through for my son but could have done with ordering a couple of girls ones for my neices

rep for your help guys





was there much in them?

Yes - they were well worth the postage

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You rep chaser lol


You rep chaser lol

You jealous

Has anyone received theirs yet? I am still waiting for mine.

got mine last week pleased with them


Has anyone received theirs yet? I am still waiting for mine.

recieved mine 2day:)

I am still waiting for mine too, apparantly they are supposed to arrive by sometime in december

got the girls one today - great value - personally think better than the boys one i received

I got one on Saturday but still waiting for the other one. Not bad value really and most of the content will be liked!

I got 2 boys and 1 girls one last week


not got mine yet, but can't wait, every one seems pleased with them x

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hi guys thanks a lot for your help, i got one for my lad today, pretty good for the postage cost but not worth the full price at all

got a couple of hot wheels cars, some books, stickers a scooby doo bag and a pencil set

as everyone had there card charged?
mine as not and no sign of the goodie bags


as everyone had there card charged?mine as not and no sign of the goodie … as everyone had there card charged?mine as not and no sign of the goodie bags

yeah they took 2 payments for 2ordered.

I have received ONE so far, worth every penny!
Cant wait till i get the girls one to see what its like.


got mine !! not worth the price, but i guess they took that on rrp of the books, but well, WELL worth the postage, got some books, stickers, bag, play doh and two hot wheels

great bags of goodies xx

Hi everyone
Thought i`d share this with you, just checked my order online and it showed up as cancelled, so i phoned them and they said they have had problems with quite a few orders with payments not going through, and as there were so many, it would take them too long to contact them all to sort payment details out, so they just cancelled them.
she`s just put my order through again. and it should be with me by the 16th dec.
so for people that haven`t got theirs yet i`d advise you to check your order status online, and if it`s showing up cancelled then give them a ring.
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