Does anyone know what this type of strap is called?

Found 2nd Jan 2015
Hi, I am trying to buy a strap which I have seen being used to secure luggage but I don't know what it's called so I can't search for it!
It is made from rubber(?) and has a series of slots along the length. At the one end it finished in an arrow shape that can be pushed through any of the slots to quickly and easily secure at any length. Any one got any ideas?

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zip lock ties

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Thanks but you can't reuse zip lock ties. The idea of the arrow shaped end is that you can just twist and release it so you can use again.

perhaps you would be better using quick release straps?

Try a Google image search. I just tried 'rubber strap' and 'flexible strap' and there's plenty of results similar to the one you describe.

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I have one of those, thanks, the advantage of the one I am trying to source is that it is possible to use any of the slots and so can be used for a variety of sizes without having to do any adjustment.

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Hi Tony68k, thanks for that idea! I hadn't thought of searching for an image. It looks like they might be called uni - ties

Sounds exactly like the little ties on my oven roasting bags. Sorry no help though!

Luggage strap. I use them on mine, got them off Amazon, one set has a combo password lock too, cost <£10.

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Hmm, bcp, not exactly the same thing but it looks as if it would do the job

Sorry no about string?

How about these?…767
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Genius Col67, that's it! Thanks so much


Genius Col67, that's it! Thanks so much

No worries!
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