Does anyone know when it is cheapest to book return flights to Bourgas airport in Bulgaria please?

    Hi fellow HUKD'ers, I was hoping that someone may be able to enlighten me on when might be the best time to book return flights from London to Bourgas airport in Bulgaria? I am looking to go away for 8 days at the start of June but when I checked flight prices it was around £270 for the return flights, which I thought was a bit steep (especially as return flights to Sofia were only £100!). I realise that it's more expensive to fly to the coast area (Bourgas) as that is where the beaches are but surely the flights shouldn't cost £270? Btw, that price includes a checked bag


    there aren't a lot of flights to Bulgaria. No competition = higher fares. Have you tried wizz air? Where in Bulgaria will you be staying? May be worth looking at varna airport as well

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    Hi, thanks for replying, it's Whizz Air I got the price from, was wondering if there is a better/cheaper time to try and book the flights I need
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