Does anyone know where I can buy girls' grey footless tights?

Found 2nd Sep 2008
I've searched everywhere for some grey footless tights for my daughter to wear to school when it gets a bit cooler under her skirt. I don't really want leggings as I figured the school might be happier if they are tights material, and have found just about every colour but grey, even ebay don't have any!!

If they are really this hard to find, perhaps I should make a big batch and sell them online, I could make a fortune. The only place I've found some is in H&M but the smallest size they do (for some bizarre reason) is 9-10yrs which are huge on my daughter as she needs 7-8yrs.

Any help would be appreciated, I figured if I bought them for the start of term then it might make the sun shine a bit longer!!
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Buy some with feet in & cut the end off - sorted
ummmmmmmmm everywhere all those rubbish shops, newlook topshop h&m

ummmmmmmmm everywhere all those rubbish shops, newlook topshop h&m

Rubbish :viking:
You need a dance shop but they won't be cheap.
try [url][/url]
[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Claires accessories[/COLOR]
Thanks all, have tried the High Street shops, H&M start at age 9yrs, most other shops have all colours but grey as I presume this is too boring a colour so I've been looking at schoolwear shops.

Thanks Dell, had found skinnysams which is the best so far but they start at 8-10yrs which I still think will be too big as she's only 7.

Haven't tried Primark & Claire's accessories yet though. Are these just suggestions or have people actually found grey ones here? Will also go and have a look at the other websites now too.

As mentioned above, ebay don't do grey ones and neither do dance shops as it's not a dance colour. And thanks ChrisUK for your ingenious suggestion (?!?) but I think that by the time she comes home from school, a cut off pair of tights will have completely disappeared and she will have a long woollen trail behind her!!

Thanks all for your help, rep left.
Poo, tried cheekylegs website who do every colour under the sun but grey - why does nobody do grey tights when it's one of the most common colour uniforms?? And also tried tightsplease website but they do grey tights but not for children - aaaaarghhhh.
[COLOR="Purple"]don't kno if claires have any..
just a suggestion
hope you find some..[/COLOR]
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