Does anyone know where I can buy Thumb Wrestlers?

    My son has been coming home from school lately and playing thumb wrestling.
    I didn't have any idea what this was until he showed me a website (I sound like my mother now lol)
    I have looked on ebay to buy him some but unsure if the prices are over the top. Has anyone seen these in a supermarket etc and do you know how much they normally cost.



    1,2,3,4 i declare thumb war! :thumbsup:

    they used to sell them in woolworths............:whistling:

    ]click here

    i got my lad some on holiday in a pound shop in wales, i paid a pound for 2 at the time,,,should not be that much:thumbsup: and if you order i'll give you a code for free delivery.

    I remember the old ones from the early 90's.Not seen them in years mind.Good fun!

    Here's a different kind of thumb wrestling toy without the figures...…8H4

    These are the ones i remember....…3DG .... much better than the twf rubbish.

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    Lulu'sMammy;7025209 and if you order i'll give you a code for free delivery.

    Lulu's mammy - I can't see them on Firebox?

    from the Andes

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    Had a look at the sites ebay seems average price, just thought I might be able to pick them up in Adsa or something. The ones he liked are just the ones you put on your thumbs. Thanks
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