Does anyone know where I can get a Replacement Power Adapter for WD External Hard Drive?

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Found 13th May 2009
As title, I'm looking for a replacement power adapter for my Western Digital 'My Book' External Hard Drive. There are quite a few editions out but I'm pretty sure I have the My Book Essential version. (500GB)

I have gotten this far : someone has said WDPS034RNN is the model number of the power adapter but can't find one anywhere.

Can someone help me find one? Or perhaps even have a spare one......


I have a my Book World Edition 1TB, I will see what PSU is with that, coz I took the SATA drive out of it and installed it in my PC (as the "World Edition" is complete crap!)


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Ohh that would be so good, please let me know mike. cheers.

The one I have is:-

Model No- DA-36J12
AC Input- 100-240v 50/60Hz 0.9 A
DC Output- 12v 3.0A

Take from that what you need mate, if it's any good.


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ah mate i think thats a bit too much power for what i need...if i decide to risk it i'll let you know but for now I think trying to call WD direct is a better option..thanks for the help though, much appreciated..have some rep!

if it is too much voltage then it might be a problem, if it is just the current (Amps) then it will be fine, as the unit will only draw what it needs from the AC adaptor.


unless underpowered
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