Does anyone know where I can get a Vileda Rapid Attractive mop??

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Found 4th Jan 2008
I bought one of these when they first came out but recently it's head decided to drop off & I'm really missing it! I can't seem to find anywhere that does the actual mop.. only the cloths :-( I bought it from Tesco before but they don't seem to have any now...

Please help!! It's the one that has a wee water tank on it


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Oh I've tried google & get the one but it doesn't let me checkout & when I go to their new site it's not in stock :cry:


I looked, and am now a mop expert. The rapid attractive mop video on Vileda is possibly the best thing I have ever seen.

I can't find one, I want one myself now - I want to be as happy as that woman!

I found alternatives though, Kingavon, Henry and Dolphin all make them for around the same price.

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:giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

Thanks JD honey! I'll have a look at the alternatives... [SIZE="1"]I still really want my rapid atrractive though! [/SIZE]

sorry babes but is your weetabix having it off?

Im gonna get some weetabix...

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sorry babes but is your weetabix having it off?

Domo is being naughty!! :lol:

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Im gonna get some weetabix...

Sorry, 16+ for those kind of weetabix!

who she having it off with?

and what a tart

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who she having it off with?and what a tart

He's a guy! And he's only taking advantage of some weetabix

oh thought it was a chocolate muffin
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