Does anyone know where I can get any free UV Codes?

    Hi, we don't have a blu-ray player and I was wondering if anyone had any or knew where I might be able to get some free UV codes for kids films? I just want to try it our first and see what it is like - I am in two minds on whether to buy a blu-ray player and hard copies or whether UV would be the way forward.

    Any help/hints/tips would be very welcome.


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    Sorry should have said the films are for my 2.5 year old son, not myself!

    Would a subscription to Netflix for £5.99 a month and cancel anytime not suffice and you get your first month free anyway and can cancel whenever you wish! Huge library of kids films on it. And Netflix works on nearly every device in the market.

    if you are wanting to go down the UV code route and have something to play them on, you can pick the codes up of ebay for a couple of quid. It can be awkard redeeming them as each company has it's own way / website on redeeming the UV codes.

    Netflix is a good idea, or get yourself a Now TV box and with the free trial you could be watching the Lego Movie and Frozen over xmas

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    Thanks, already have Netflix and sky but refuse to pay the extra for movies with Sky. Also have Apple TV and smart tv, hence thinking about uv - for the monthly coat of sky movies I could buy a few uv codes every month.

    I did a bit more digging and signed up with vudu and they have given me some free HDX movies to try out. It was more so I could see the quality etc, which I can now.
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