Does anyone know where I can get Curious Village on DS please?

    Everywhere seems sold out or asking a rediculous price for it. Thanks


    Ignore any talk of illegal conduct that may be offered.

    You don't want to spend crimbo in chokey.

    I bought one from a few weeks ago for £29.95, sold it on eBay for £41.00 after completing the game. It is a brilliant game, but not one I'd play again and again.

    i bought one from for £26.99

    I am after one too, but not at the prices being asked!

    I am going to wait till the price comes down.

    Same, i have been hutning everywhere for it! Just managed to get it in my local sainsburys,tonight they had loads and also only £23.97!!!

    I saw loads in gamestation earlier at 27.99. My sister complained at the price! haha. Oh these amatuer women gamers dont know a thing

    After being let down by some timewaster on Amazon, i finally got mine from sainsburys yesterday it wasnt on display but i asked and it was behind the counter £23.45 bargain

    I got main from GUS home shopping I think it was £35 last week
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