does anyone know where I can get or buy a PS4 console box. just the box. thanks

Found 5th Sep 2014
Need a box so I can sell the PS4 thanks
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There is a box on ebay, item number 121424483997
yeah got it cheers, cheeky swine wants £10 postage my god
I haven't looked at it but £10 sounds fair for the weight.
£10 for an empty box? are you series ?
I send trainers in a box for less than £4
if the box for it is over 1kg its £8 odd via second class, ( Wii u zombiu box is over 1kg with trays leaflets
im sure i'll sort something there are actually about half a dozen on ebay and their postage is like £3.40 which is more what i expected for an empty book
Boxes for iPhones used to go for £10-£15 on ebay ... £10 is good price
£10 is the damn postage charge
Need a box for your stolen ps4

Need a box for your stolen ps4

Cheeky so and so, no actually selling my sons PS4 for acting like a dick and needs teaching a lesson, dont measure everyone by your standards
Go to eb games they have extra boxes that sit on the wall and they will give it to you for free sometimes or $30 other times
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