Does anyone know where i can get the best laptop for £280ish

    Hello my sister has a really old pc which has just died so i want to get her a laptop but im pretty skint, i would try and save more but im just rubbish at it. So if anyone can help it would be great

    She mainly just wants it for looking on the internet, saving her photos and maybe storing
    mp3s to put on her phone

    Thank you



    I was in Staples yesterday and they had a laptop for £280.

    It was an eMachines and had:

    Celeron Dual core T3100 CPU
    2Gb ram
    160Gb hard drive
    15" screen
    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Obviously not the greatest laptop ever made, but I think a decent deal for £280.

    This is it on their web site (price on the web site is £237.45+VAT) = £279…ium

    Similar product on the Dell web site (just 1Gb extra memory) is £349…504

    Original Poster

    ok thank you both i will look into your feedback



    I'd get the Dell for £260 on pcworld site

    This one?…tml

    But it is Vista.

    Not good now Windows 7 is out.

    Original Poster

    what is the cheapest way to upgrade to windows 7 from vista, ive been thinking about doing it for a while

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