does anyone know where i can get the new liverpool away shirt from online without postage cost?

    looking for the new black t-shirt online but dont want to pay the postage charge


    In liverpool

    Please be aware the above site only sells fake tops...

    Original Poster

    bod emrys;6102082

    Have you checked out ?You need to spend over … Have you checked out ?You need to spend over £30 to get free postage, but the liverpool top is only £16.50 and it's only an extra £2.20 to get whatever you like printed on the back (any name and any number - most places charge by the letter).A couple of people on here have used the site and say that they are excellent quality, could be worth a look if you can make the order up to over £30 :thumbsup:

    thanks for that
    may look into it,so are these not obvious copies?

    think that was me, i posted a couple up for sale here and it got taken off cos i couldnt prove they were genuine, just didnt have the original confirmation email and had no idea where my o/h bought them!
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