does anyone know where the aoss button is on a psp

    hi there im trying to get onto the interenet on my psp and its telling you to hold the aoss button and i havent a clue where or what it is any suggestions please :-)


    is that not a button on the router?

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    havent got a clue,we have wireless broadband

    its the slide button on the left hand side, switch it up

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    tried that and it says the wlan switch has not been turned on ?

    That IS the wlan switch, ie the 'wifi switch' to turn wifi access on the psp.

    I think you are selecting the wrong type of connection when setting it, aoss is a special 'instant wifi' button that only comes on buffalo made routers.

    Go back to connection setting and pick wifi


    is that not a button on the router?

    yes it is
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