Does anyone know where to get a Nvidia shield TV at retail price or if anyone will get stock soon (reputable sellers though please)

    Nowhere has them and I would like one ideally (not paying over the odds on eBay either)

    Thanks in advance


    Didn't realise these were fetching so much these days as I got one for £120 last Black Friday. I believe they are now discontinued but cex sell them second hand for £150

    I want to know why it's OOS everywhere
    New model?
    I think they're really good
    Android tv ecosystem needs to grow

    Discontinued? I weren't aware of this.

    I'd assume they are simply planning on funding a new one) although their isn't much really they can improve other than a specs bump) Especially since they have scrapped releasing a new shield tablet now.

    Didn't know they was so difficult to get hold of for retail price now. Seems those prime day reductions was even more of a steal now

    I have been looking emailed fb and tweeted nvidia they can't be bothered to reply. Is there a new one coming out
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