does anyone know where to get modchips for original xbox

Found 23rd Feb 2012
cant find them anywhere lol any help appreciated
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Can't you just softmod?

If I remember correctly you just needed a copy of splinter cell and a memory stick correctly set up with a modded savegame.
Yep, no need to physically chip it. Just softmod it with splinter cell, memory stick and a hacked save game and it will play backups.
If i knew where my copy of splinter cell was i'd give you it but I lost it ages ago.

Same for my modded memory stick.
Thanks ppls I knew about the splinter cell hack and its looking like I may go down that road just think its harder to stick in a big drive with the softmod???
Upgrade to a 360 and get custom firmware
Lol got a 360 just happen to have a couple of old boxes hanging around and they make good media centers. Speaking of 360su can a nodded one be played online?
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