Does anyone know where to get old style camera film developed?

Found 27th Jul 2015
Does anyone know where to get old style camera films developed? Ideally someone that might give an opinion on whether the rolls have got even half a chance of being developed properly before they charge me £100 to do it. Does such a place even exist? Thanks
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I found some film which was about 15 years old and just took it to the nearest photo place to me and they did it. Cost about £7.
What size? 35mm? APS? Medium format?

Lots of places still do film processing, e.g. specialist high street shops such as Max Spielmann and Snappy Snaps, or by post such as Truprint.
Some Asda & Tesco still do it.
my shop Paignton photo centre Devon but seriously boots still do most formats in about a week
Snappy snaps also do it if you have one near you…php they can even do them within an hour if you want them to although they don't list the prices.

Your best bet would be check out a few shops such as Snappy Snaps and Boots and maybe an independent one if you have one and say how they compare on prices and delivery times etc. I had some developed a Few years ago by Snappy Snaps we came across randomly then that as it had been sitting around for for so many years it may have deteriated and they couldn't guarantee what the quality would be like - I think this would be same of anyone - nonetheless we had them printed as we were curious to see what they were - glad we did as it was some more memories to add to the collection and they came out ok.
Truprint are surprisingly still going, they use the same freepost envelopes that they use to years ago as well, these old companies feel like nostalgia to me.…tml Paid for by cheque though.
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