does anyone know which yodel depot services birmingham?

Found 1st Jun 2012
im on my pad, and google isnt playing ball.

the depot is 64 OLD2 whatetever that means, its currently at droitwich (whereever that is?)

postcode is B15

trying to find put if they deliver tomorrow, if not need to collect

any help or pictures of courier vans on fire approeciated
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and any cheep dickshionhairys anywheres
There is a depot in Oldbury so I would guess OLD2 would be there
Oldbury depot services Birmingham.

Droitwich is the sorting depot.

So your item will not be delivered until Wednesday, unless you paid for Saturday delivery.
trying to find oldbury details, all i can find is they had a fire in february .
Here is the address

Brades road, Oldbury, B692RB

and there phone: 0121 665 2686

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