Does anyone know why my Humax keeps "stuttering" and how I can resolve it?

    Since I did the upgrade my Humax keeps juddering when it plays back - really annoying.
    Any ideas?


    1. Downgrade it again to see if stuttering goes away.
    2. Maybe too high a bitrate.
    3. Maybe bad HDD.
    4. Maybe faulty laser - clean with cd cleaner disc.
    Maybe setting in new config not good for your system.

    is it stuttering on all or just stuff recorded before the upgrade, if just stuff from b4 don't worry it will prob go away, happens sometime when u update a codec and easy to test for tho

    If you do not have recordings reformat the disc otherwise ask here…578

    Original Poster

    its stuff i have recorded since the upgrade

    Original Poster

    I'm a bit dim with stuff like this so will have to wait for my son to have a look!

    You're not watching Max Headroom are you?

    Original Poster

    no- but might as well be lol

    try above ideas if no joy try downgrading, i presume u saved the previous firmware since upgrade? if not oops ask on humax forums


    I'm looking at this for you!
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