does anyone need a full set of sun £9.50 vouchers??

    was gonna book this with my sister but my other half has told his friend we will go haven with them, so wont use these now! told him you can go haven with these but he wont listen!

    so these are free to anyone who needs them! will post out tomorrow because i know they have to used this week i think.


    I could use them At least i think i could if anyone knows they could definately use them though i'll step down

    I could definately, I was really wanting to do this offer, but ended up not getting to for various reasons (inc me starting my new job and being too tired all the time to even think straight lol)

    always wanted to take my lad to a butlins/haven as these hols were all we could afford to go on when i was wee

    I would definatley use these. Wanted to book in to Haven in Pwhellii and would be great for 9.50 missed out on these was gutted

    Original Poster

    killer ur first offer, if you want to pass them on to op it's up to you?? let me know pls x

    As stated then im more then happy to let someone who can definately use them take them

    Original Poster

    weewifie will pls pm me your address and have a lovely holiday! sorry darcy,but you might still be in luck my other half has just said his freind has a set too and will see if he still has them for you, i will let you tomorrow! x

    Fantastic, I will hold off booking it til you get back to me...

    Save me a lot of money if yu can!!


    (rep given, even if you dont have the other vouchers :))

    do you just need the tokens then as i collected them but booked online

    awwww thank you all :-D

    people are selling these tokens on ebay and some are gettin a good price for them, They are cheeky when you get the tokens for well, free really if you buy the sun everyday anyway. so it is really nice of you to give them away and not be greedy like some people.
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