does anyone now how to get the 48hrs xbox live codes

Found 15th Apr 2008
as above just wondering if ther still out there
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the only way of getting them now, is for someone to actually give you one that they had with a game and dont plan to use, as the website that gave free codes has been taken down...
my question is, why do so many people post this topic on these forums; surely you'll want more than 48 hours so why not buy 12 months like everyone else?
becasue why should you pay to game online you dont on your PC so a few 48 hrs codes would do me a month as i would only play on the weekend anyway
yeh but pc games are around £10-15 cheaper than the same xbox 360 game, would you not buy a game on the 360 because it's cheaper on the pc?

As I stated the only way you will get 48 hour codes is if someone gives you one of theirs, and it might sound a bit cheeky to ask for more than one off them, but anyway good luck.
Now i'm not condoning stealing. Lets make that clear. I've got a PS3 nowadays so you can't prove nothin, right!
My local Blockbusters staff used to leave the 48hr codes (and if you were lucky the 1 month codes) in the boxes of the traded in games, which were emptied of disc and banged on the shelves. Now this used to be rich pickings in the good old days, especially in the Live Arcade boxes where you used to get the 1 month Gold. You ain't seen me . . . . . . . .
ha ha very crafty but not nice : ) dont think i could do that not super despertate
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