does anyone now what 2 months you dont pay council tax in leicester??

    i thought it was feb-march but apparently not as ive just got a bill!


    is the bill for the new year apr 09- march 10 - i believe its february and march for all councils

    yeh its feb and march, maybe call them and ask them?

    its an amazing world where people feel its better/quicker to ask random people from all over the world than to google the number for the local council and ask someone who is paid to know the answer.

    in the time it took u to write the post asking you could of dialed the number and found out thus saving the world some bandwidth and storage space somewhere

    i wish i had ur number and i would call u and tell u to stop making me reply to silly posts

    If it says your 1st payment is due in March (15th ish) then call them and ask to change to April 1st or something. I do it every year to get an extra month of not paying.

    Feb and March usually

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